15 Years of Friendship: tribute to my best friend

Today marks 15 years of friendship with Sarah: my best friend, confidante and sidekick through it all.

When we were babies

When we were babies

Having met her when I was 18, I’ve known Sarah my entire adult life. And through those years, we’ve been through it all together: births, deaths, moves, immigration, jobs, vacations, relationships. We’ve lived in various cities and homes together. We’ve crossed oceans together, shared the deepest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves with each other.


We’ve cried, laughed ’til we cried and held each other’s hands through all of life’s trials and triumphs. We shared our dog, Chester, and held his soft, warm body as his soul went to the Other Side, while our own bodies shook in unison with grief.

With Chester

With Chester

And now, we are raising our children together.

Born only 5 weeks apart, Evelyn and Henry are an extension of the friendship and love Sarah and I share. I think I understand now why it took me a while to conceive Evelyn. She wanted to be born just a few weeks before her “brother” (in Spirit), and the timing had to be just right. If it hadn’t taken so long, we wouldn’t be able to spend our maternity leave together. And I’d lose my ever-lovin’ new mother mind if I didn’t have my best friend by my side to go through all of it with.



Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Universe for the blessing that is my best friend. She’s seen me at my ugliest and was still able to see the light within. She’s been by my side through everything, hasn’t missed a day of my life since September 18, 1998. Even when I’ve ignored her sage “I know you better than you know yourself”  advice, and she has to be there to pick up the pieces of poor choices I’ve made, she never says “I told you so.”

Even if she wants to choke me...

Even if she wants to choke me…

She just puts her arm around me (not my neck as evidenced above) as we take the next steps into our shared journey.

My best friend is an extension of my heart, a piece of my soul. I wish this kind of friendship for my daughter, some day. The kind you know you’ll have until you take your last breath. Perhaps even beyond that final breath, jumping into the next life with one another.

Partner in crime on the roller coaster of life

Partner in crime on the roller coaster of life

13 thoughts on “15 Years of Friendship: tribute to my best friend

  1. I’m so happy you and Sarah have each other. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend for my beautiful daughter. I love you both so much!

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