DIY Baby-proofing: Fireplace Edition

A couple months ago, my mommy blogging friend Brin wrote up a “How To” for a chalkboard fireplace babyproofing project. I filed that one away into the “Sooner Rather Than Later” pile and have finally completed my project!

I won’t walk you through step-by-step. Brin does that very nicely and thoroughly here:

Chalkboard Babyproof Fireplace

Let me just say, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. If it is easy enough for me to do, anyone can do it. The men at the lumber store were helpful. The painting was fun. I have enough paint leftover for a future bedroom wall of Evelyn’s to be painted with this stuff – it’s awesome! Mounting was more of a challenge and my temporary solution is double-sided mounting tape until my stepdad can get here and mount it for me permanently.

For now, my fireplace is officially baby-proofed, and super cute. I have visions of Evie gettin’ her artist on here some time in the future.

Cat in the Hat artistry thanks to my friend who does it all, Trish. She even put my baby to sleep last night without me nursing her – can we say miracle worker?! 

Finally babyproofed fireplace!

Finally babyproofed fireplace!

9 thoughts on “DIY Baby-proofing: Fireplace Edition

  1. That is awesome, what a brilliant baby-proofing idea!!! Super cute and effective🙂 We have a gas fireplace and hopefully will have need of this idea in the not-too-far future🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • LOL, I can just imagine picking up ashes all over the place if I hadn’t baby-proofed this. The amount of stuff I have to do to baby-proof this entire house is daunting, to say the least!

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