5th leap/wonder week – you can end now, kthnxbai

Polka dotted Kawaii diaper

Polka dotted Kawaii diaper

Evelyn is the middle of Wonder Week 5 – the world of relationships. The Wonder Weeks app says this of the current leap we are in:

One of the most significant relationships that your baby can now perceive is the distance between one thing and another. We take this for granted as adults, but for a baby it is an alarming discovery, a very radical change in his world. The world is suddenly a very big place in which he is but a tiny, if very vocal, speck. Something he wants can be on a high shelf or outside the range of his crib, and he has no way of getting to it. His mother can walk away, even if only into the next room, and she might as well have gone to China if he can’t get to her because he’s stuck.

Evelyn expresses her dislike of me walking away, especially if she can’t see me anymore. It warms my heart, so I don’t mind her protests so much. What I do mind is the sleep disruption seems to bring. She can fall asleep easily, but staying asleep? Not so much.

Some of the ‘symptoms’ of this leap are:

  • Having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep
  • Has mood swings
  • Is not pleased with many things

Fortunately, my girl is very good-natured, and not much makes her upset or makes her lose her cool. We haven’t experienced much (any?) of the last ‘symptom’. Mood swings? Not so much of that, either. But the first one? Ugh. 

As with all leaps, she’s learning new things and developing new skills that make all of the trouble with sleep worthwhile. She’s rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back. She’s starting to wiggle her body around (is that creeping?) and can get herself pretty much anywhere within a 5 foot radius.

She yells at Solo when she wants him to come closer. I’d almost swear he can speak ‘Baby’, because he seems to understand her and accommodate her requests so she can pet him (read: pull his fur really, really hard).

My babies

Best of all, she’s really laughing. Like really, really laughing. Ignore me yammering in this video. Listen instead to the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.

13 thoughts on “5th leap/wonder week – you can end now, kthnxbai

  1. I’ve not read the wonder weeks theory on development but if you learn any tricks for getting her to stay asleep, let me in on them! He wakes up freaking out 2-8 times in the first 3 hours of sleep while I am not in the room. And he still needs to be swaddled. I’m contemplating trying the crib instead of the rock n play but change is scary if I’m not sure it’s going to work.

    • OMG, I had been having that issue for the past 2 weeks, which was so unlike her! The constant wake-ups, every 20-45 minutes. I didn’t do anything to get her to start sleeping a little more…she just started doing it on her own (I’m still holding my breath, though). I feel your frequent waking pain.

      Does Wallace nurse all night long when you’re in bed with him? Evie does. Sometimes I sleep through it, other times I can’t, and wish we didn’t bed share so much.

      Good luck with your move to the crib from the rock ‘n’ play. I ended up transitioning her from the swing to my bed for the first stretch of the night. Crib is the next step (eek!).

      • He’s been doing this for a long time. For a while he was doing 3 hour stretches with maybe one wake up, but this constant waking up is not new. When he’s in bed with me he is latched but not really nursing much. I fall asleep and wake up when he starts squirming and trying to latch again, so who knows how long exactly he is actively nursing, just suckling, or not latched at all. I he wakes up really hungry I’ve had to get a bottle in the middle of the night (I always prep milk before bed now). He did the swing for a bit but his chin was up against his chest and I wasn’t a fan of the way he was breathing and I figured out how to nurse and sleep about the same time. He just did one hour in his crib. Contemplating trying to set him back down in it. He’s asleep in my arms and I have milk to prep and myself to get ready for bed.

      • Then another hour after that. I’m hoping for a morning nap after I fill his belly. This is one of those times I’d love to have someone to go “here, you give him his morning bottle, I’m going back to sleep.”

  2. Oh, those giggles!! Melts my heart.

    And so probably can understand her….I swear! 🙂 I think dogs just have a special sense….they know. It’s so wonderful that he’ll put up with her pulling his fur. Good boy, Solo.

    Good luck with the sleeping thing again. Sorry you’re going through this. Are you feeling as deprived as the four month sleep regression?

    It sure is neat to watch all the new milestones they hit….it’s amazing how they learn so naturally.

    • This sleep regression isn’t so bad, honestly. Not as bad as the 4-month one, anyway! She turned a corner last night. Slept 10 hours in a row and woke up ready to practice her new skills! So fun to watch.🙂

      Did I comment on your last blog post? I meant to….I’ll have to go check!

  3. I hadn’t heard of the wonder weeks. My 5 month old has started waking up on average 10 times a night, and now suddenly it all makes sense… Thanks🙂

    And the giggles! My goodness, the giggles! Too cute! There’s nothing better, is there?

    • I am glad I’m not alone – it’s always good to have another mama in my corner going through the same thing! I feel like between these growth spurts, wonder weeks, regressions, etc…that our babies are never supposed to sleep well! LOL

  4. I don’t know if there is any sound better than that of a baby laughing. Sweet Evie definitely put a smile on my face!

  5. This sounds so much like Rosa! We are back to 20 minute naps every hour and a half – just as I thought we had achieved 3 good naps a day. Plus, the laughing more, creeping and rolling. This leap is interesting and so rewarding but I wish it didn’t make life so difficult from our babies.

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